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Internationalization, student mobility, and the preparation of future faculty have long been key elements of postgraduate education. These areas – and more – are impacted by the rapid development of higher education institutions in Africa across institutions both public and private. What does the future of international/global partners and students look like?

How can we build a network of networks that fosters exchange and coordination across Africa and around the world? How can information sharing lead to new models of collaboration and inform capacity building? This session brings together experts on postgraduate education in Africa in a roundtable discussion format to identify existing networks, share models of success, and provide a foundation for future discussions. Outcomes include a contact list, a recording of the webinar, a short description of existing networks and models, and recommendations for the next steps.

Webinar co-led by the Council of Graduate Schools, University of Johannesburg, and the Community of Practice in Postgraduate Education and Scholarship, Universities South Africa.

Enquiries: Prof Stephanie Burton: stephanie.burton@up.ac.za


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